What is Conversity?

Conversity is a set of 48 conversation cards, designed to spark conversations about different aspects of diversity.The cards are full of photos, sealed for durability and packaged in a bright, sturdy case.

Each card has two conversation starters that will appeal to adults and children of all ages.

Is there something you’ve always wondered? Always wanted to ask? Here’s your chance! In each set you’ll also find a wild card, inviting you to create your own question.

In Conversity ‘Across Cultures’ you’ll learn about cultural differences - from table manners to paying compliments; from naming children to being on time; from clothing for special occasions to body language.

Conversity is far more than a game, it's a learning tool that offers a way to have fascinating and sometimes challenging conversations about our differences. Whether it’s cultural awareness in a classroom, intercultural communication, time management or decision making with work colleagues, living together with international home stays, or learning about a new culture as a migrant, Conversity cards make it easier to begin the conversations. It's almost as though the card in your hand gives you permission to ask.