Why Conversity?

Most people are naturally curious about other cultures. We want to know what we have in common, and to explore our differences.

Yet all too often, we simply don't know how to have these conversations. What can you ask? What's too personal? What might be seen as rude?

We don't want to risk offence, so we don't ask the very questions that could avert miscommunication and misunderstanding.

The best path to uncovering our similarities and exploring the differences between us is through respectful curiosity, powerful conversations and shared stories.

Conversity is designed to help you have those essential Conversations about Diversity.

Whether one-to-one or in groups, Conversity will lead you to fascinating learning about each other - and yourself.

My hope is that Conversity will open your eyes and stretch your thinking. Do join us in the Conversity community, to learn even more about how other people see the world - one extraordinary conversation at a time.

Jenny MageeJenny Magee
Chief Conversity Creator



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Customer Feedback

  • "Conversity is a very useful tool especially for organisations or groups that have a multicultural staff or membership. It is a non-threatening way of starting conversations about people and diversity. It has been fun as well as interesting sharing similarities but also comparing and understanding differences. "

    Jovi Abellanosa,
    Ethnic Development Advisor,
    Hamilton City Council
  • "The Conversity cards have been of great use in meetings, sparking conversations about aspects of diverse learning communities in terms of both surface and deep response."

    Tjitske Hunter,
    Senior Advisor ESOL,
    Ministry of Education
  • "Conversity is a wonderful resource that our multicultural staff and volunteer teams enjoy using. We always have a lot of fun with the questions, which really give insight into other people’s experiences, beliefs and values."

    Rachel O’Connor,
    Regional Manager, Red Cross,
  • "I have used the cards very successfully with adult learners of English, who have personally identified with some of the scenarios depicted in the pictures. The cards, which are visually stimulating, present a fresh approach to engaging students in dialogue about culture and some of the more challenging points of view."

    Diana Hummel                               English Language Partners Waikato
  • "Every year, Rotary districts around the world send senior high school students on international exchanges for 12 months. We used Conversity as a way of kick-starting conversations of understanding across the ten or so cultures represented when we brought the inbound and outbound students together for a weekend. It was a fantastic way of generating very interesting and really worthwhile discussions."

    Raewyn Kirkman,
    Former District Governor,
    Rotary District 993